La Push travellers - Lori Glaseman

La Push Beach, Washington

La Push was my first stop on my west coast travels. Having been told I could sleep on the beach, the appeal to drift off and wake up to the sound of the Pacific Ocean had me sold.  Sure enough my oceanfront spot delivered.  The vibe was as cool as the temperature and the rhythm of water. You can't do much more than relax in La Push, except surf.  

It's no secret that I love to photograph surfing.  Having been a paddle instructor and living in the water most of my life it's a natural connection.  La Push held a solid following of surf culture and I got the opportunity to meet a few of the travellers who arrived to spend their time in the ocean. But one brave traveller caught my attention, and his name is Oso. 


Oso belongs to Jon, a Washington native who came to La Push to surf.   While Jon has surfed all over the world, it was Oso's first attempt.  Like everyone else, he got hooked. 

I was in the right place, at the exact right time.  I got to witness his first wave and his first howl of disappointment when he had to sit on shore.  This 4 legged traveller was oblivious to my presence and completely enthralled with the surf.  

Big thanks to Jon for allowing me to capture the whole event and share it with you guys. 

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