Cape Blanco Lighthouse at sundown

Cape Blanco state park sits 5 miles north of our camp in Bandon, oregon.  Upon my arrival I asked for directions and was told to not go in the evenings. The wind was to powerful and the fog would be to thick.  I got a nights rest and headed out in the morning instead.  No such luck. The fog was dense and visibility was non existent. It still gave me the opportunity to explore around and find other gems to go back to when the light was right.  Cape Blanco beach runs beneath the lighthouse and has very little traffic with beautiful wind patterns in the sand and scattered driftwood about the beach.  Their state park camping is beautiful but that seems to be a running theme in Oregon. 

With the lighthouse a bust I ventured out elsewhere and decided to hit the beach for sunset, but my instinct told me to head to the lighthouse first.  I drove up and sure enough the wind was unreal, but the sun was beaming in the beautiful beacon just asking for a picture.  I took on the wind and had to hand hold my shots. The wind was so wild even the Gitzo couldn't hack it.  I was thrilled to get to see this landmark in all its glory. 

Cape Blanco Beach

I couldn't say which area of Oregon struck me the most, but I can say that it holds up to its reputation of being one of the most beautiful photography spots.  The vibe of the small beach towns, bigger busy centres, and amazing landscapes have me wanting to head back for more.  Exploring Cannon Beach was one popular spot.  All the photographers lined up to catch that shot of  haystack rock in the sunset, but we were given something more when a group of kids full of curiosity joined us for the golden hour.

Cannon Beach - The kids of Summer

The coastal views of Oregon had me right from the beginning, and has now caught my attention to it's inland wonders.   Planning my trip home its going to be a toss up between retracing my steps and filling in the gaps, or heading east and creating a new trail of photographs.  That is what the art of adventure and travel is all about.  That is why they call it, Wanderlust.

Oregon Wanderlust

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